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Reading Abbey Quarter BID, Reading Central BID and Reading Business Network have asked us to help businesses take a fresh look at reducing carbon, monthly costs and how to access business grants.

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Carbon reduction

Our support includes ZERO, a certified, 12 month support programme to create a Net Zero Strategic Report and Action Plan.

You’ll be guided by a carbon consultant along the seven step roadmap to have your carbon footprint measured, receive marketing support and become carbon neutral. From here, it’s only a matter of time for you to achieve Net Zero.

Your journey is a constant refinement of all your systems and processes with regard to carbon reduction and profitability. With careful management and our expert support, ZERO will help you reap the benefits of both.

Cost reduction

This is often difficult to achieve internally, so while you focus on generating sales, we’ll check you’re not paying too much on regular business expenses such as energy, merchant services, water, etc.

As well as low prices, we also seek to add value wherever possible by benchmarking your bills against partner brands and ensure you are efficient in other areas of the business like IT and telecoms.

Our holistic approach combines all the tools necessary to build efficiencies, resilience and profits, while also being planet-friendly.

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Stay compliant
  • Get expert advice from industry leaders

Business grants

Grants can cover 1/3 of expenditure towards your Carbon Reduction project, up to a maximum of £5k and this is administered within the Low Carbon Workspaces Programme. They can support:

  • Energy efficiency measures: including energy efficient heating, lighting, insulation, refrigeration, investment in renewables, machinery upgrades.
  • Transport efficiency: including second-hand Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs), sustainable travel planning and fleet management software.

As the grant pays 1/3 of project costs, a maximum grant of £5k, the project spend needs to be £15k or more. Please note that there is also a minimum grant value of £1k, so the minimum spend for grant support needs to be £3k.

Once grant assistance is approved, businesses make the investment as per the grant application, then claim the grant funds after evidencing the spend. We will explain more about the grant application process to guide you, via a private consultation.

Who Are We?

Beyond Procurement Ltd is a consultancy for improving business profits while caring for the planet and addressing the realities of the cost of living crisis.

We have over fifteen years experience providing cost and carbon reduction solutions to businesses, BIDs and local authorities in a knowledgeable, caring and concise manner while helping them feel empowered and giving them the support they need.

As experts in business sustainability, we have helped tens of thousands of businesses improve their profits, eliminate waste to landfill and reduce the impact they have on the planet, significantly boosting company image, pride and brand value.


Everything we do is centred around reducing cost and carbon from your business and have been awarded the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award for the various zero to landfill schemes.

Please call 01444 416529 or book a 15 minute consultation via Calendly on a day & time that best suits you.

Award Winning Procurement Consultancy

Everything we do is centred around reducing cost and carbon from your business and have been awarded the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award for the various zero to landfill schemes.

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