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Business Improvement Districts

Support members with Free Advice, Support and Consultancy

Join the collective of UK BIDs that are supporting their members through the cost of living and climate crisis.

An outstanding model of free support is available to you from the market-leading cost, carbon and waste management experts.

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A wealth of experience

Since we first introduced collective buying to Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) back in 2008. We have worked with over 100 BIDs across the UK and tens of thousands of business owners. Providing cost, carbon and waste reduction services. Delivered by qualified industry experts, we are the trusted professionals of choice.

Discover how we can utilise our 15 years of industry experience to bring value to your BID and your team.


Reducing costs for BID members

The Beyond Procurement team of procurement professionals have been supporting BID members and reducing business costs for over 15 years. We provide the professional advice and support that businesses need to ensure their contracts have been set up correctly and the rates they are on are the best available.

We protect businesses from mis-selling and rogue traders with hidden charges. BIDs looking t provide commercial benefits to their members are able to offset the BID levy each year with our cost reduction services.

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business Improvement District

The UK government has signed up to the Paris agreement and committed to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2050. All councils have a carbon reduction commitment and many have declared climate emergencies, with reactive strategies.


Larger businesses have been measuring and reporting carbon for many years and are further along their journey’s then smaller companies. This provided the BID with a excellent opportunity to support and engage with these larger members. Having already undertaken their scope 1 & 2 carbon measurement corporates are now finding themselves somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the next stage in carbon measurement, being their scope 3 supply and vale chain, which needs to be mapped, measured and calculated.

Utilising our experts, BIDs are able to provide specialist scope 3 support and advice to these previously hard to engage with members.


Smaller businesses do not have the time and are generally confused by carbon calculating tools available to them. We provide each BID member with a carbon Coach who supports and guides them every step of the way to carbon neutrality and onwards to Net Zero carbon.


Its time for each BID in the UK to lead the way and take responsibility for their own carbon footprints. We will undertake all the measurement and calculation, get you to the point of carbon neutrality and just like your members journey, we’ll put together a robust strategy to get you to Net Zero Carbon. Fully certified and we have verified global carbon offsetting programmes.


Become a Zero to landfill BID

Setting up zero to landfill waste schemes with BIDs and their members has been one of our most passionate projects across the years. We have delivered multiply projects and are very proud to have won a few innovative environmental awards along the way.

If you would like to undertake a study and improve the way waste is processes in yours BID, then reduce the costs for every BID member, then we have the experts ready to talk to you.

Grant Support

Multiple support opportunities are available for members, especially at these current times. However it is difficult to identify what is out there and what is appropriate for different business types.

We monitor funding applications that have been granted across the UK and align with councils, LEPs and Growth Hubs to ensure that opportunities are identified and presented to BID members.

We have become somewhat experts in supporting businesses in successful grant applications, most certainly a skill in itself.

Right First Time – Supporting New Businesses and Start Ups

There is a natural churn rate of businesses entering and leaving the BID. We work with high street banks in the application of green loans and we extend this relationship to support new businesses starting up, to ensure that they get their contracts set up correctly first time. We have a history of having to sort issues where new contracts have been put in place incorrectly, so we aim to prevent with this intervention.

We also align with your local commercial estate agents to ensure that we do the same with businesses setting up in the BID and needing to establish new contracts fro their new premises.

BID Member Engagement

Everything we do is about building a relationship and rapport with BID members. We understand and respect the relationship between a BID and its members. We are experts in supporting members without them feeling that they are being sold to.

We promote the BID brand and services and ensure that every business is aware of that all support, advice and servcies is due to their BID membership.

Member Database Management

Member data is the most valuable asset that the BID owns. However, it naturally degrades over time.

We have designed an innovative approach to ensuring that BID member data is as accurate as possible. We utilise specially designed software along with market leading AI software to enrich every BID database.

Come discuss how our innovative approach can benefit you and your BID

Ballot Support

Over the past 15 years the team have become experts in BID member engagement, when the time comes for Ballot or reballot support these skills can be deployed to ensure that YES vote.

We have a phenomenal track record of success in this specialist area, so when you need us, we are here to help.

Award Winning Procurement Consultancy

Everything we do is centred around reducing cost and carbon from your business and have been awarded the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award for the various zero to landfill schemes.

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From start-ups to large publicly traded companies, we work with managers and directors to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals with services to match your business journey.

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