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The compelling case for electric vehicles!

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From 2035, only electric vehicles will be available for purchase in the UK, but the benefits of owning an EV now and changing the company fleet is already compelling.

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The EV landscape and investments

As well as reducing your carbon footprint, the good news is that there’s lots of incentives to encourage the transition to electric vehicles with financial rewards.

The UK, often driven by the private sector initiatives, is now investing heavily in charging points and free parking bays in shopping centres and business locations.

This infrastructure roll out will be crucial to the success of electric vehicle adoption but as we move towards 2030, more innovative business models and investments will only increase.

This is also within a climate of needing to lower harmful vehicle emissions in many of our towns and cities, so planning ahead for more congestion charges and restrictions is important.

The benefits of electric vehicles with us

  • On average electric vehicles cost £9.70 less than petrol cars to drive 100 miles (based on the Go Electric 35 tariff during off-peak hours).
  • Claim back 50% VAT
  • Only 2% Benefit In Kind tax (until 2025)
  • Exempt from ‘Congestion Zone’ fees.
  • First 5,000 miles free.
  • EVs have a more responsive accelerating and braking system due to their low centre of gravity. This will improve safety.
  • Better for the environment due to no exhaust gases and less noise pollution.


Although they tend to have a higher initial upfront purchase, an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle tends to have more cost-efficient running costs, making the cost / benefit ration attractive.

Electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme

This is an excellent opportunity to offer an electric vehicle to your employees with no set up or ongoing admin costs. The employee will contribute a portion of their gross salary annually and in return will receive an EV of their choice as well as a comprehensive vehicle care package that includes roadside assistance, insurance, services and repairs for the duration they pay into the scheme.

Employer benefits

  • No set up or ongoing costs.
  • Should an employee leave or be made redundant, you are protected.
  • Parental leave and long-term sick allowances are accounted for.

Employee benefits

  • No upfront payment or credit checks.
  • Huge savings on national insurance and income tax contributions.
  • EV care package and car.


Electric Vehicles

Different types of electric vehicles

Battery- electric vehicles (BEV)
These are sometimes called 100% or ‘pure’ electric vehicles because they do not use any other fuel types and because of this they due not produce any tailpipe emissions. They are charged at external power sources known as charge points. Most battery-electric cars have a range of 100-300 miles on a single charge.

Plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV)
This type of vehicle has a battery, electric drive motor and an internal combustion engine. These vehicles are recharged from an external power source like the BEVs, however can also be driven with their combustion engine. These vehicles typical ly have a pure electric range of 50 miles, however once the electric battery is depleted the journey can continue in hybrid mode meaning no range limitation like that of a BEV.

Extended range electric (E-REV)
These are a version of PHEVs. They combine a battery, electric drive motor and a small petrol or diesel generator. These range vehicles can get between 150-300 miles on a single charge.


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