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Carbon Offsetting
More than just CO2 reduction...

Carbon offsetting projects engage people, stimulate development and conserve the environment for future generations by reducing residual greenhouse gases over time.

  • Invest in nature
  • Demonstrate your credentials
  • Become Carbon Neutral

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Carbon Offsetting Programes By Beyond Procurement

Carbon offsetting Programes are designed to mitigate emissions by funding a project that removes carbon dioxide from the environment.

Everyday actions at home and at work consume energy and produce emissions that are harmful to the planet. Offsetting is used to balance these emissions by helping projects across the world.

Beyond Procurement offers a range of offsetting schemes that are verified at international standards including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), gold standard Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VER) and Certified Emissions Reductions (CER). All of which meet the quality assurance standard for carbon offsetting and follow footprint calculations that specify carbon neutrality.

Carbon Offsetting Programes in three simple steps:

  • Calculate your emissions – Beyond Procurement can assist with this by using ZERO.
  • Begin reducing your emissions through the reduction strategies that our Sustainability Consultants can help you implement.
  • Choose an offset project from our portfolio of projects to begin reducing carbon in the atmosphere (costs as little as £9 per tonne of CO2e.

Carbon Offset Programes at Beyond Procurement

We partner with verified projects around the world to provide clients with a broad range of options to offset their greenhouse gas emissions that suit their needs. The portfolio of schemes include:

  • Global Portfolio (£9.00 a tonne of CO2)
  • UK Tree Planting (£19.80 a tonne of CO2)
  • Reforestation Kenya (£16.00 a tonne of CO2)
  • Americas Portfolio (£9.50 a tonne of CO2)
  • Community Projects (£10.50 a tonne of CO2)

The projects are based all around the world and are designed to reduce future emissions. This can involve rolling out clean energy technology, purchasing carbon credits or soaking up CO2 directly from the environment through the planting of trees, etc. Because greenhouse gases (GHGs) mix globally in the atmosphere, it doesn’t really matter where the schemes occur.

Different greenhouse gases

CO2 is the most abundant greenhouse gas (GHG) produced by human activities, thus making it the most important pollutant to address when limiting the effects of climate change.

However, human beings also emit other GHGs, most of which have a far greater heat trapping effect pound for pound than CO2. These include methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). In order to fully address the affects of global warming, all these gas types need to be addressed.

Scientists and policy makers have established “global warming potentials” (GWPs) to express the heat-trapping effects of GHGs in terms of CO2 equivalents over a hundred year period. All gases degrade at different rates, but the most polluting is CO2e.

Why carbon offsetting programes are important?

First of all, it’s important to understand that offsetting should only be considered until such time that carbon removal becomes possible. As you continue to remove carbon, the requirement for offsetting diminishes. To permanently reduce carbon creation from the business should always be the aim.

However, achieving a Net Zero accreditation is a journey and will take time to obtain. Carbon offsetting programes are an important part of that journey and demonstrates a tangible commitment at an early stage to achieving Net Zero.

So, becoming Carbon Neutral can be seen as a stepping stone in the process and this is where carbon offsetting plays its role.

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